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Marvin Engineering is committed to your ongoing success with a support structure that includes training, documentation and more.

We rigorously screen our supply chain to ensure quality, reliability and adherence to all applicable local, state and federal laws.

If you are not currently a Marvin Supplier, but interested in becoming one, please read on!

What The Marvin Group is Looking For

Please fill out form F-802 to begin the process of becoming a Marvin Supplier.

Completed forms or questions can be submitted electronically via email by clicking here.

F-802 – Request to Add/Remove/Change Supplier Information

F-039 – Technical Data Portal Access Request Form

AH-64 Apache Helicopter


Our professionals are available to answer questions which you may have and to resolve any difficulties you may be encountering.

Bob Morin, Vice President Supply Chain

Robert Wright, Director Supply Chain

James Bolden, Director Procurement

Ian Farquharson, Manager Procurement R&D

Cesar Cherlin-Perez, Manager Estimating & Strategic Sourcing

Eddie Guzman, Manager Procurement Electrical/Hardware/Facilities



Where do I drop off my parts? How do you want us to ship?

The Marvin Group’s primary Receiving location is 498 N. Oak Street in Inglewood, California. Our preferred method of shipment is via the supplier’s UPS or FedEx Account.

What are your shipping/receiving hours?

Our core operating hours are Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM. These hours may be subject to change upon priority of shipment or time of year.

How do my parts need to be packaged before shipping?

All product must be protectively wrapped and properly identified in accordance with packing lists. Product should have no metal to metal contact.

Note that shipping methodologies should be IAW with AS9100 Rev. D (8.1.3 Product Safety). 

Become a SupplierBecome a Supplier