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The Marvin Group prides itself on giving back not only to the local community, but to veterans causes, the fight against cancer, and so much more.

Our ride share program encourages employees to pool together where possible to come to work, or utilize public transportation, and provides financial incentives to do so.

We have installed electric vehicle charging stations in our facilities to ease the impact of commuting on the environment.

We will continue to roll out new employee recognition and incentive programs and look forward to growing the entire Marvin Family closer together!

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Marvin P. Gussman, Founder of Marvin Engineering Co., Inc.

Core Issues

The Marvin Group, since its inception, has been family owned and despite growing to over 1,000 employees across its various business units at present, prides itself on maintaining a strong sense of collaboration and comradery.

We are committed not only to our customers, and the warfighters that we all serve, but to our employees and our local community.

Among the causes that we dedicate resources towards are the following:

  • Support for our military veterans
  • The fight against cancer
  • Donations to the less fortunate via The Salvation Army
  • Increasing awareness of environmental impact, including various green initiatives

Mission Statement

Our mission is to give the warfighters we depend on, the critical equipment they depend on. We are built on over 60-years of trust, integrity, and innovation in the design and production of integrated weapon systems and equipment for our customers world-wide. We build lasting relationships with our customers and suppliers and continually strive to be the industry standard for quality, service, and technical capability. Our future success requires highly skilled, empowered, and diverse employees combined with our commitment to their safety, personal growth, and well-being. In our mission to support our warfighters, we never lose sight of our responsibility to safeguard our environment, contribute to our community, and support our veterans.


Assembly of Marvin Engineering Co. products

Marvin Engineering Co., Inc. will consistently provide products and services that meet or exceed all customer and applicable requirements. We will actively pursue continual improvement through programs that enable each employee to do their job right the first time and every time.