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Marvin Engineering Co. Celebrates 60 Years of Service

Marvin Engineering Co. Celebrates 60 Years of Service

February 10, 2023 marked a key milestone for Marvin Engineering Co., Inc. and The Marvin Group.  It was over six decades ago that our founder Marvin Gussman and his wife had the inspiration to start a machine shop.

Since that time, Marvin’s legacy in leadership and business philosophies together with his partner Jerry Friedman, built a solid foundation that continues today. With Marvin Engineering as the flagship company, the Marvin Group has evolved into a leading defense company supporting all branches of the Department of Defense, major prime contractors, and numerous countries around the globe.

The Marvin Group is dedicated to continuing its Tradition of Excellence supporting the defense community. With a clear vision and laser focus on achieving our goals and objectives, we remain committed to consistently provide products and services that meet and exceed all of our customers’ expectation.

60th Anniversary Celebration at SoFi Stadium