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Vision, Values and Mission of The Marvin Group

Vision, Values and Mission of The Marvin Group


The best people delivering confidence and security to warfighters all over the world.


The following are our core values against which we measure ourselves in the way in which we do business on a day-to-day basis:

  • Integrity
    • Do what is right without compromise.
    • We build quality products that our warfighters can depend on.
  • Partnership
    • Trusting Relationships – We build trusted relationships with our customers, suppliers, and each other. We are responsive, transparent, open, honest, and committed to our teammate’s success.
    • Alignment – We share a common goal and succeed as a team.
  • Can-Do Attitude
    • Attitude & Accountability – We expect a Can-Do attitude from ourselves. This is both the creativity to find a way to succeed and the drive to follow through on all our commitments.
    • Empowerment – Everyone has the responsibility and authority to do their job effectively and is encouraged to suggest a better way.
  • Innovation
    • We encourage creativity and embrace new ideas in all aspects of our work; innovation drives our future.
    • We reflect on everything we do and improve every day.


Our mission is to give the warfighters we depend on, the critical equipment they depend on. We are built on over 60-years of trust, integrity, and innovation in the design and production of integrated weapon systems and equipment for our customers world-wide. We build lasting relationships with our customers and suppliers and continually strive to be the industry standard for quality, service, and technical capability. Our future success requires highly skilled, empowered, and diverse employees combined with our commitment to their safety, personal growth, and well-being. In our mission to support our warfighters, we never lose sight of our responsibility to safeguard our environment, contribute to our community, and support our veterans.