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Quality Control Inspector (FARO Arm and/or ROMER Arm)

Defense contractor involved with product development and manufacturing of various systems for...

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Quality Control Inspector (CMM/PC-DMIS)

to perform common Geometric, Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) operations and perform independent inspections of hardware using surface plate inspection methods

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Production Planner

is responsible for analysis & planning, organizing and controlling the flow of production hardware to support scheduling of orders, materials and services in support of established and scheduled customer commitments.

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Mechanical Assembler

is responsible for assembling, fitting, fastening, and installing parts to form subassemblies. Will align, fit, assemble, fasten, connect, and install system components of military mechanical/electro-mechanical products.

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Manufacturing Engineer Level 2

This position requires a strong background in Aerospace manufacturing with a major emphasis on mechanical and electro- mechanical components and assemblies.

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Aerospace Painter

Coat surface of parts, assemblies, and finished products with protective or decorative materials such as primer, paint, enamel, lacquer using spray gun in accordance with part drawing specifications and engineering documentation…

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Assembly Supervisor

Direct, coordinate, and control activities of employees engaged in the assembly, disassembly and reassembly of parts, components, sub-assemblies, and final units to support production of military mechanical and/or electromechanical equipment.

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